P3 Archives

Below is a selection of  Short Films from past P3 screenings.

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Sally Eckoff: Conference of the Birds 5:14

Marilyn McCabe: Gone Octopus

Ned Van Woert: A Huge Problem 4:00

Riley Willsey, Chord Conundrum 1:43

Drew Hughes, Just A Pair, 7:56

Michael Devine and Jean Ulysse, Famous Letter Writer: Anywhere to Go

Marty Dolan, Take a Penny 3:41.

Dave Coveney,  Powering the Future 0:32

Ethan Cronquist: The Whiteboard Incident 2:54

Dave Coveney,  Powering the Future 0:32

Johnny Uruchima, The Letter 2:03

William Jaeger,  Five Movements for the Moment  4:00

Mark Spitzer,   Tracks in Time,  3:22

Rachael Rios Rehm, Lunar Vacation- The Basement, 5:37

Mary Kathryn Jablonski & Laura Frare, Mare Nubium  3:59

Cortland Brennan: A Day at the Office 0:26

Evan Curtis:  Strays 2:27

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Thank you to ALL our movie-makers for sharing your work!

Above: Film makers at recent Screening and Award Presentations.
From top left down to top right down: 2018 at the Strand Theater, Hudson Falls, NY; 2017 and 2016 at the Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, NY; 2014 at the Wood Theater in Glens Falls, NY.

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