Project: Power Up

As you are walking around Lake George Village, you may notice our traffic signal boxes have been transformed into masterpieces!

Project: Power Up Lake George, a partnership between The Village of Lake George and the Lake George Arts Project, invited artists to submit proposals to design and paint traffic signal cabinets located in the Village of Lake George with the goals of enhancing the aesthetics of the Village, extending public art to new areas and unexpected places, and introducing art to the public in a creative and inventive way.

Featured Artists

Box 1
Cynthia Fiorini & Patrice Mastrianni
Corner of Canada Street and Beach Road
(in front of the Visitors’ Center)

About the Artists:

Cynthia Fiorini – “My artistic journey has been evolving and ever changing. I received a BFA and started as a ceramic artist loving the medium and creating both functional and non functional pottery as well as teaching it. I spent at lest 15 years working in clay and loved every moment of it. With life’s twists and turns I started painting murals, troupe l’ceil and decorative effects in homes and businesses. From there I then moved to France for 5 years and studied painting conservation. Upon returning to the states I worked as a painting conservator and also started painting my own work. This lead to working on large projects for both conservation and painting. I have now been able to include public art projects on this journey. For my own personal work, I find myself inspired by many time periods and styles of art. I feel that this is the connection to the flowing changes and fluid movement of my artistic path.”

Patrice Mastrianni – “The world as I see it is just one huge, magnificent work of art. I am obsessively creative and take joy in opening the eyes others to the beauty around them. Art that is created by nature is often so breathtaking it cannot be duplicated, but it can be noticed and celebrated. As an artist, I have spent most of my life teaching children and adults how to explore the world’s beauty and be inspired by it. When I was asked to bring my art to the village streets of Lake George, I chose to celebrate the natural beauty found here. I spent my childhood summers exploring the lake and fishing was a favorite past time. The design I have created with an artist friend, Cynthia Fiorini, highlights the beauty found below the surface of this breathtaking lake. It is my pleasure to give guests strolling through the village a glimpse of the many varieties of beautiful fish swimming deep in the waters of Lake George.”

Shay DeRusso
Box 2
Corner of Canada Street and Montcalm

About the Artist:
Shay was encouraged at a very young age to express herself on paper and decided after high school to go into business for herself and explore her creativity to its fullest. Shay has been doing charcoal portrait commissions for over 20 years. However, she tries to explore as many different mediums as she can, from pottery to wood burning, painting and more. Shay started doing Adirondack inspired art to show the world the beauty of this area. You will find most of her art shows are filled with wildlife drawings and paintings with natural elements. She truly pours her heart and soul into every piece she produces and uses spiritually to connect to her subjects.

In 2016, Shay started doing murals for local businesses including the 3-panel desk at Adirondack Pediatrics in Glens Falls, NY. Since then, she has done countless murals ranging from Lake George to Albany from business logos to children’s bedrooms.

Outside of art, Shay has a passion for helping all creatures of the earth. You will find her aiding orphaned or injured wildlife and transporting animals to rehabbers for North Country Wild Care. She also loves spending time with her husband Bryan and their many pets.

“As I have grown as an individual and an artist, I have learned that there is nothing more rewarding than being able to do what you’re most passionate about. Thank you to all of the people who make it possible for me to do so. For I am so very honored and grateful.”


Miranda Kent
Box 3
Corner of Canada Street and Amherst

About the Artist:
“Throughout my life, art has been there for me when nothing else seemed to be. My journey as a LBGTQ+ artist/creator has developed and changed over the years, but the purpose still remains the same. Making art to me is a form of self expression and a way to recenter and focus on enhancing my craft and skills while soaking in the therapeutic and connective nature of artmaking.

Right after graduating college in 2020, I began working as a High School Art Teacher in the Adirondack area teaching Pottery, Advanced Pottery, Studio Art, and Sculpture. Teaching has always been another passion of mine that I’m grateful to have been doing for the last two years full time. Opening my students up to the transformative, healing properties that comes with making artwork fills me with an indescribable amount of joy and in turn my students teach me so much as well.

Despite loving teaching art, my other dream is to someday be able to be an artist full time and live off of commissions and selling my work. I work with a variety of mediums today including paint, ceramics, pottery, jewelry-making, metal, and drawing. No matter the medium at hand however, I tend to include main themes such as identity, botanical imagery, illustrative tattoo inspired designs, and nature in my art.

When I heard about the Power Up Lake George Project, I knew I had to apply. The open-ended nature of the application process felt welcoming, so I went for a more universal design in my more distinct botanical drawing style. My design is made up of birth flowers from January to December, so anyone who enjoys or views the piece can have some sort of direct attachment. Many of these flowers are also local to the Lake George area, so it works on a few levels. I’m beyond excited to have been chosen for this project and look forward to the future connections I’ll develop with other artists and those who enjoy my work from this opportunity!”

Erin (Gori) Gregory
Box 4
Corner of Canada Street and 9N
(in front of the Lake Haven Motel)

About the Artist:
Erin Gori (Gregory) is a self-taught artist residing in Clifton Park, NY. Erin’s artistic work is based in realism through which she specializes in detailed pencil drawings, such as people and pet portraits. Although realism is her most commissioned work, her style and offering is expansive. Erin enjoys creating abstract works, acrylic paintings, murals, and miscellaneous creative pieces that include painted wine glasses and wood burned projects.

In addition to commissioned work, Erin offers private art lessons for all ages. Whether you are a beginner student or aspiring artist, Erin is an exceptional teacher who shares valuable artistic techniques and skills, while instilling confidence in those she works with.

Although she grew up in Clifton Park, Lake George holds a huge spot in her heart. Her parents now live on the Lake, and she has been coming here every summer since she was a baby. She was floating in Log Bay before she could walk, and learned to drive a boat before she could drive a car. She even got married here on the last summer!

The Lake George Arts Project caught her immediate attention, as her favorite place on Earth was seeking artists. Not only was this project meant to beautify and bring some new life to the village, but to showcase artistic talents on a strip that sees thousands of people a day. Erin couldn’t have been more excited to have been chosen for this project and looks forward to seeing what the other artists also have in store.